Services Offered

Services Offered By Drugs Control Administration:

  1. Information on Licensed Blood Banks.
  2. Information on Banned Drugs.
  3. Information on Prices of notified drugs.
  4. Information on drugs about contra-Indications, doses etc.
  5. Complaints on services of chemists and druggists.
  6. Complaints on quality and adverse reactions of drugs.
  7. Grant & renewal of licenses for manufacture & sale of Drugs & cosmetics
  8. Issue of GMP, WHO-GMP, COPP certificates 
  9. Issue of free sale, market standing, performance, for non conviction certificates
  10. Issue of Test License to manufacture drugs for examination, analysis.


Citizens can help us serve better by

  1. Consulting  a qualified  doctor and using drugs as per his advise only
  2. Purchasing medicine from licensed medical shops and insisting for bills  
  3. In case of non availability of any drug ,informing nearest officer of Drugs Control Administration for taking further action
  4. Looking for date of expiry printed on the label of the drug and if any discrepancy  is found, reporting  to us  for taking necessary action.
  5. Showing the Drug purchase bill by you to your Doctor for verification and guidance