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Related Links


         The following gives further information about Drugs, Drug Regulatory System in India, Drugs Control Departments of other states,.

  1. Drugs Control Organization    
  2. CDSCO                                              
  3. World Health Organization                        
  4. AP online- DCA Information  
  5. Govt. of AP Portal                   
  6. National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
  7. Department of Pharmaceuticals               
  8. Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission
  9. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India.
  10. Indian Drug Manufacturer's Association
  11. National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
  12. All India Drugs Control Officers' Confederation


13.Other sate’s DCA links:

a.      Maharashtra

b.      Gujarath

c.      West Bengal

d.      Kerala

e.      Tamilnadu

f.       Karnataka

g.      Delhi

h.      Uttar Pradesh

i.       Madhya Pradesh

j.       Goa