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        As Part of Strengthening of Health systems the Government of AP issued orders videG.O. Ms. No. 54 for establishment of Generic Medicine Retail Outlets from APMSIDC for improving access to Quality Generic Medicines at Fair Prices.

      As per this orders retail generic medicine stores called as Jeevanadhara / Jana Jeevani / Jana Aushadhi stores were established in various  cities of Andhra Pradesh. They sell unpromoted branded generics manufactured by 20 top pharmaceutical companies. Since these are unpromoted generics, they are available at a 40-90% discount compared to the promoted generics.

           For more details please contact Managing Director or General Manager, Jeevandhara, APMSIDC-Hyderabad or go through the G.O. Ms. No. 54.


List of Generic Medical Shops in Andhra Pradesh
S.No District Location
1 Ananthapuram Govt. General Hospital, Anantapur
2 Chittor Govt.Hospital, Chittor
3 Chittor Madanapalle
4 East Godavari Govt. General Hospital, Kakinada
5 East Godavari Rajahmundry
6 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram
7 Guntur Govt. General Hospital, Guntur
8 Guntur Brodipet, Guntur
9 Krishna Govt. General Hospital-Old, Vijayawada
10 Krishna Govt. General Hospital-New, Vijayawada
11 Krishna Machilipatnam
12 Krishna Vijayawada Town
13 Kurnool Govt. General Hospital, Kurnool
14 Kurnool Govt. General Hospital, Kurnool
15 Cuddapah RIMS, Cuddapah
16 Nellore Trunk Road, Nellore
17 Srikakulam Seethampet
18 Srikakulam RIMS, Srikakulam
19 Viskapatnam King George Hospital, Viskapatnam
20 Viskapatnam Pedavaltair
21 Viskapatnam Tagarapuvalasa
22 Viskapatnam Narsipanam
23 Viskapatnam Adda Road, Visakapatnam
24 Viskapatnam Anakapalli
25 Viskapatnam Vaddadi
26 Viskapatnam VIP Road, Visakapatnam
27 Viskapatnam Pendurthi Depot
28 Viskapatnam Gajuwaka
29 Viskapatnam Ramnagar
30 Viskapatnam ENT Hospital, Viskapatnam
31 Viskapatnam Yalamanchili
32 Viskapatnam Area Hosptal, Aganampudi
33 Viskapatnam GHMC Complex, Viskapatnam
34 Vizayanagaram Vizayanagaram Town
35 West Godavari Govt. General Hospital, Eluru
36 West Godavari Tadepalligudem
37 West Godavari Tanuku
38 West Godavari Bhimavaram
39 West Godavari Jangareddygudem
40 Ongole RIMS,Ongole